Book and Publications

by B.D. Dalton II

Are you ready to grow?

The Practice of Creating Stellar Business.

True Gravity” tells the story of his challenges and lessons learned, which have allowed him develop proven systems to create powerful business and personal networks.

The Assisted Purchase, will show you, it is possible to build an amazing business and attract a torrent of customers and clients without selling. Amazing right!? That might sound to good to be true, but B.D.’s been-there-done-that sales nous that has helped him build a large, loyal client base and he wants to help you do the same.

Grow, Sell and Retire, the Amazon Bestseller, delivers a refreshingly honest look at the real value of your business, what prospective buyers are willing to pay for and what they won’t.

These three books together in one stellar pack will help you develop, plan and get the most from your business!

3 Book Package

The Assisted Purchase, Grow Sell and Retire, True Gravity - three of the best books to help you grow a stellar business.