#BeastModeBrum: 4 Brummies. 1 Challenge

The brainchild of B.D. Dalton, 4 Brummies are getting together in Birmingham to challenge their bodies, get fit and raise money for charity.

There are two teams:  Boats ‘n Beers is LoveBrum’s Tim Andrews and Downtown Birmingham’s Matt Barnsley; the Colmore Money Boys are B.D. Dalton and Lakhbir Sing of Barclays.

Neil Perkins of Henrietta Street Gym is in charge of putting the teams through their paces.  Each of the contestants has personal training sessions throughout the week, then Workouts of the Week to test different aspects of their fitness.

The goal is to be the team with the most improved fitness throughout the month.  The challenges include chin-ups, burpees, press ups and kettle bell swings.  A set fitness test will be given at the beginning and the end of the month to determine the winners.

Like all good sporting events, the spectators are encouraged to cheer, holler and bet their money to encourage the contestants along.  You can join in the action by visiting the JustGiving page:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/beastmodebrum

Vote weekly on who wins the weekly challenges, and give a big donation when naming the team you are sure is going to win the overall challenge.

All of the money raised will go to LoveBrum, the charity supporting other Birmingham charities who find it difficult to raise funds themselves.  Some of the worthwhile causes LoveBrum has supported include Push On Wellbeing, Smart Works Birmingham, and the Local Access Centre.