B.D. Presents at Evolution: Best Received Sales Slot in 12 Years!

B.D. presents at Evolution CBS’s event, representing BDC. Evolution CBS specialise in helping business owners achieve the maximum value for their business, providing tailored services for growth, acquisitions and sales. It was great to present at the phenomenal historic venue, Morgan Cars, surrounded by classic motors.

Selling your business is an exciting (also a scary) time for any business owner. Someone is coming into your company, they’re tearing apart your pride and joy, the thing you poured your heart and soul into – don’t give potential buyers the opportunity to do so!

B.D. shared the concepts from his Bestselling book, Grow, Sell and Retire. He demonstrated the methods and processes required to build sustainable value into your business, so, when the time comes to sell or exit the business, you maximise your returns.

B.D.’s presentation was well received, and all 30 of the business owners who attended were receptive – the concepts and processes demonstrated really resonated with most of the business owners, as they are preparing to sell their business. The slot BDC held was the best received presentation for the last 12 years. All attendees were engaged with both the business aspects, but also the legal side of the process.

Sound like the kind of event you’d like to attend? BDC will be hosting a Business Sale Luncheon in January 2019, ensuring you don’t have a dry January (sales wise!) Watch this space for more details. In the meantime, check out our other upcoming events here.