Alison Edgar

Secrets for Successful Sales With Alison Edgar (AKA, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother) Ep. #71

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and get sales success, overnight? Alison Edgar AKA, The Entrepreneur’s Godmother, is here to sprinkle a bit of fairy dust on your selling tactics, transforming them from mouse to mighty stallion!

Bestselling Author of ‘Secret of Successful Sales’, Alison Edgar, certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to selling. After 25 years in BlueChip sales, Alison decided to share her magic tools with startups, Entrepreneurs and SME’s to help build sustainable success though fool-proof methodology.

Ready to sprinkle some magic on your sales?

In this episode, Alison Edgar shares the model she has developed, ‘The Four Pillars of Sales’.

We also unravel the mystery as to why so many prospects ghost us and sales slip away.It starts by understanding customers behaviour and how to communicate effective. Alison has so many ways you can stop this from happening, putting a magic spell on clients and ensure you can close the sale.

Let Alison wave her magic wand over your sales – listen to the full episode!

Alison Edgar
So many salespeople talk about themselves - people don't want to hear the waffle.
Customers care about what is in it for them and how they benefit. Tell them what you're going to do for them and how you can give them what they need, not what they want.

- Alison Edgar

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