Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Will Kill Service Firms! Tech-Talk With Chris Herd Ep. #59

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain could spell the death of your profession! Chris Herd, a technology guru, explains all…

Founder of Nexves Banking, influential blogger and all-round technology expert, Chris Herd, shares powerful knowledge on artificial intelligence and blockchain and how it could spell the end of service firms – accountants and lawyers – WATCH OUT!

The key question is: how can your profession avoid the grim reaper of service firms? (AKA, blockchain and artificial intelligence!) Chris has the answer, exploring thoughts on technology implementation and if this will set you ahead of your competitors.

In this episode, Chris also talks money and the impact technology will have on the future of finance and banking.

Listen to the full episode and prepare your service firm for the future!

Blockchain will be the Grim Reaper, coming for your profession! With this technology, you ultimately become surplus to requirement. Blockchain has the potential to remove this need overnight – it can transfer payments when conditions have been met and smart contracts will replace traditional paperwork.

- Chris Herd