About Bart

Bart (B.D.) Dalton II is a business and financial expert with over 20 years of experience behind him. Bart is author of the book, “True Gravity: The Practice of Creating Stellar Business” where he shares his experiences, lessons learned, challenges he has overcome and his own trajectory to success. Bart is also the business editor of D’luxe magazine. And creator of the Podcast series, Grow, Sell and Retire. 

Bart worked for a subsidiary of Walmart in Tacoma, Washington – this was where he started out professionally. He majored in foreign business studies at Pacific Lutheran University enabling him to follow the same path as his father and joined the financial firm, Edward Jones.

In Tacoma, Bart built a highly successful financial advisory business and married his wife, Michelle. Business was booming, his practice was flourishing – this didn’t go unnoticed by his firm, Edward Jones. They invested in Bart and his family and decided to move them to the U.K. and an Edward Jones satellite office was established.

In 2009, Bart and his family were left in a bad position when Edward Jones decided to sell their U.K. offices. Bart and Michelle loved the life that they had built for them and their children in the U.K. so this encouraged Bart to establish his own financial advisory company. Since 2009, when his own practice was established, his business has thrived and grown exponentially.


Bart is a family man; he loves spending his free time with Michelle and the kids, coaching water polo and playing golf. He is also a big Real Madrid fan and loves watching the football games. To get in touch, click here.