A Note to the Disruption: We’re Coming for you!

Disruption 2019 was immense. This year, we combined tech-curious and tech-savvy Brummies to join in the technology chatter. We were immersed into an interactive afternoon packed with demonstrations, tech-testing and talks from leaders in technology.

We’re Feeling Future-proof after Disruption 2019!

How can 3D printing change the future of nutrition and supplements? How can Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality shape the future of entertainment and employee training? Our line up of tech-sperts and leading figures in the technology de-mystified this technology and shared real-life applications, demonstrating how tech can be leveraged to a competitive advantage.

Attendees chewed the fat (or more accurately, chewed thr 3D printed vitamin courtesy of Nourish3d). We envisioned what the Disruption would mean for our lives and business. Due to the speakers presentations, fascinating  conversations and ideas were sparked that will be put into practice.

Following this, we had an amazing technology testing session. Daden and Atmos VR provided highly immersive Virtual Reality experiences, offering attendees the opportunity to walk the plank and putting out fires; don’t worry no Brummies were harmed in the process!

So, it’s safe to say Robots are taking over the world just yet,  but technology is undoubtedly shaping our future, changing the way we live, learn, work and play. So, do you feel ready to put on your future-proof gear and ride the Disruption wave?…

Arthur C. Clarke said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Blockchain is enabling the building blocks for the next magicians.

- Pete Hill, Relationship Director at CUDOS