3 Tips to Make it Snow Success This Christmas!

Christmas has well and truly hit us. Trees are up and decorated, there’s a mad rush around the shops, and we’ve had a generous pile of snow.  I’ve recently had an encounter with a different type of snow. That being, the one and only Shane Snow. Bestselling author of the book Smartcuts and New York times journalist. He knows the secret to accelerating success and how to make business amazing with simple hacks that will create rapid improvement. Here are 3 top tips inspired by Shane that will make this Christmas a Cracker!

1.Don’t be Afraid to Explore new Directions

We all love the usual Christmas traditions. The same old songs, the same food and the same decorations year after year. Sometimes, things change with our Christmas proceedings and we have to go with the times. We can’t always run business the same way we have done for years gone by. We may need to change the path we’re on and the way operate to create rapid success and growth. Explore new options and procedures that could make business more efficient and effective. In this ever-changing world and constant transforming face of business, it’s important to stay on top of the game, always thinking several steps ahead. Be flexible and open to change.

2.See Everything as an Opportunity to Learn

Have you ever worked really hard trying to perfectly wrap an awkwardly shaped Christmas present just to have the paper ripped off and the item put into a gift bag instead? It’s no bad thing. Even though the wrap didn’t last, you still learned how to negotiate a peculiar shaped object and wrap it properly! Shane shares the story of friend who worked at Tesla. He was an engineer assigned to a specific project. After wholeheartedly committing to this task,  pouring every bit of energy and concentration into it for 10 months, he’s told the project is cancelled and will not resume. He is later delegated a new task to work on.

Most of us have experienced a similar scenario. Even though you may have been fully dedicated to something that may have been abandoned before completion, the hard work hasn’t gone to waste. It’s experiences like this that keep us motivated and help propel business forwards with new perspective and knowledge to offer. This is why innovators often accelerate their success. They move from one role to another, each time learning something new and bringing it to the next venture. Don’t be afraid to be an innovator! Dedicate time to leaning and appreciate the importance of it. It’s surprising how many fresh ideas will be sparked. You can apply the knowledge to your business allowing for rapid improvement.

3.Don’t Lose Your Entrepreneurial Curiosity and Courage to tackle New Ventures

At Christmas, our curiosity gets the better of us, we can’t help but wonder who our Secret Santa is or what gift the brightly coloured gift wrap, ribbon and tags are concealing.  It’s Important to keep the inherent curiosity alive within us. You need to retain your entrepreneurial spirit, courage, and initiative as a business owner – For some of us, it’s all we had when we started on the road to owning a business and what will keep us propelling forwards for future ventures, wherever the journey may take you. For business to grow and for us to grow as individuals, we need to explore and understand we are learning every day, exploring new grounds and opportunities.

It’s also important to remember, no matter how established we may be within our business and think we know everything, we should still question everything and have a passion to make business the best it can be. It was your curiosity and determination to succeed that got you this far. It’s what will help you to launch your business to the next level! If you haven’t already, check out my blog Entrepreneurs Vs Aren’t-repreneurs for tips on accelerating success as an entrepreneur.

As tempting as it is to try as skip the heaving ques and jump ahead a few places when doing the last few bits of Christmas shopping we would never actually do it…when it comes to success, don’t be afraid to skip the line and climb the ladder right to the top!

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