3 Tasty Tips for Success!

Are you ready to build a business or grow your current business in the ever-expanding, ever-changing market place? Check out these 3 tips inspired by Karen Green, AKA The Food Mentor and whet your appetite for success! Missed The Food Mentor’s Grow, Sell and Retire Episode? Catch up by clicking here! 

Add a little spice to the market place

There may be copious quantities of cookie brands on the shelves, endless lines of energy drinks and infinite options for ice cream – it’s fair to say the market place is saturated but there’s always room for new brands re-imagining lines that have become old and tired or contributing to the latest food trends.

The same logic applies to every type of business. There is a product or service for everything. Don’t let the bustling market place hold you back and overshadow you. As entrepreneurs, we’re pros at innovation and forward thinking. Use this as an opportunity to evaluate your product or service – how can you make what you offer fresh and exciting? Are there any trends emerging in your sector you can maximise on? Add a new twist you’ll be the crème de la crème standing out from the crowd.

What’s your Secret Ingredient?

We always ask our clients ‘what’s your superpower?’ Every business has an unfair advantage, something on offer that competitors don’t. Defining what makes you different has a positive impact on your business. Not only does it separate you from the competition, it also attracts the clients you want, and repels the ones you don’t – remember, everyone has different tastes! Something that makes Bart Dalton Consulting stand out, is that our Catalysts are a group of specialists in various sectors, currently running their own businesses and are implementing the same techniques and systems we offer in our packages.

Once you’ve established your niche, write it down. It’s a question prospects will almost always ask ‘why should I choose you?’ Once people get a taste for your unique business, they’ll keep coming back for more!

Experiment and create your own Recipe for Success!

When it comes to recipes, sometimes the best ones are the ones we create ourselves. We might follow a guide, but we can improvise and add our own ingredients along the way. It’s the same as business, we know what we are offering but we can experiment and continue to find ways we can improve our services for a better client experience. Try and test things, add something, take something away – it’s trial and error.

Once you’ve determined what does and doesn’t work, you can start to create new products and give your clients and prospects a little more. Don’t hesitate to expand on your existing product or service, offer a smorgasbord of services, variations on what you currently specialise in.

Now you’ve worked up an appetite for an amazing business, use these tips and apply them to your business – Bon Appetit!

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