3 Podcasts you NEED to Listen to!

The most amazing thing about living in the digital age, is that we have an abundance of amazing content at our fingertips. There are so many industry experts willing to share their advice, success secrets, tips and tricks…all for free! Whether you’re an entrepreneur or established business owner, SME or industry giant, you should continue to expand your knowledge and grasp these nuggets of wisdom. Allow me to share the 3 podcasts you NEED to listen to.

As you know, I’m a podcast lover. If you haven’t already checked out my podcast show, Grow, Sell and Retire, check it out by clicking here. I offer the tried-and-still-testing tips and tricks I have learned on my journey to success, making me the Lazy Over-achiever.

When you find a podcast that resonates with you and relates to your business, it’s incredible how the words of another can improve your business. From obstacle obliteration to marketing masterclasses, there is a podcast for EVERYTHING.

Here are my top 3 Podcast shows that I listen to regularly. If you’ve never tuned into any of these shows, you need to, NOW!

1. Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas, founder of Entrepreneurs on Fire  has so much energy, passion and enthusiasm when it comes to his delivery. The content is valuable, full of clear strategies you can apply to your business, achieving your goals. I guarantee, if you listen to him in the morning, you will start the day fired up, ready to make amazing things happen!

I’ve learned so much from EOF, from John Lee Dumas and the inspiring guests he interviews, from keeping your team engaged, to creating an innovative business that stands out in the crowd If you haven’t already listened to his show, check it out now. EOF goes so well with your 6:00 am cup of coffee – this show will become a permanent fixture in your morning routine in no time!

2. Advanced Selling Podcast

In Advanced Selling Podcast, B2B sales trainers, Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey offer their 40+ years combined expertise to listeners. Every week I tune in, and I’m guaranteed to take something away, ready to implement myself. As you’ve probably guesses from the title of this show, the main theme of Advanced Selling is how to SELL, SELL , SELL! They offer clear concise tips, sales strategies, goal setting, sales communication, cold calling and more. These tips are easy to digest and apply to your own business.

A podcast I find particularly interesting is building your personal story, which is vital when it comes to engaging with your clients and prospects. This is even more important now with prevalent use of social media. Check out the episode here!

3. Freakonomics 

If you’re someone who loves to know everything about anything, than Freakonomics is the podcast for you. The self described show that “tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t) and things you never thought you wanted to know (but do). This show in particular has changed my opinion on a number of things. Through thought provoking discussions, you can enhance your knowledge and open yourself to someone else’s thought process and see things in a whole new light.

They cover so many topics from the gender pay gap, to creating effective TV adverts, you’ll find yourself binge listening for hours. You’ll absorbe so much knowledge you will never struggle to make dinner conversation ever again! I highly recommend delving deep into the Freakonomic’s Archives.